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The 3rd Forum on International Cultural Industries, China

Time:7th -8th, Jan., 2006

Theme:Harmonious Society and Regional Cultural Industries

Brief Introduction:

Against the background of the 11th Five-Year Plan, regional economic development is full of challenges and opportunities. This forum aims to promote healthy and rapid development of regional cultural industries and encourage the growing important role of regional cultural industries in the national strategic objective of building a harmonious society. Themes of streams of the forum are: cultural industry and regional economic development, philosophies of management of cultural industries in the global competitive environment, cultural industries and adjustment of regional industrial structure, cultural tourism management, management of new and traditional media, and HR exploration in cultural industries. President Liu Binjie pointed out that cultural industry is the new growth point of China’s economy, and Secretary Dan Zeng also put forward “Yunnan Pattern for Cultural Industries”, which have received intensive media coverage.



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