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Annual Report

The Annual Development Report of Chinese Cultural Industries (The Report for short) is initiated by the Institute for Cultural Industries of Peking University and National Research Base for Cultural Industries Innovation and Development; and jointly compiled by known scholars and entrepreneurs in the domestic cultural industries.

The Report announces latest key index of hot industries on the Forum on International Cultural Industries China and concentrate on the characteristics and present situation of the development of Chinese cultural industries of the year, and also predict its trend in next year. 

The Report is annually released in the first quarter every year, and has run on 10 times since 2003. It is considered to be the academic report of the most continuity in the field of cultural industries, which, to some degree, represents the development track of Chinese cultural industries and relevant policies.

The Report, which quotes in great quantities of the data and research findings from relevant institutes, research staff and the professional organizations, is a significant reference book for the academic circle and management departments of the government; in addition, Report’s exploration into the trend of cultural industries and innovation of commercial patterns are taken into account before decision-making of enterprise’s investment into cultural industries.

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