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To develop and improve cultural market practically, three changes must be implemented. The first change is from government-oriented to market-oriented; secondly, of the aim of economic growth is changed from scale based mode to quality and efficiency based mode; the third is to change the circulatory system from cultural industry itself to national economic system. Therefore, the combination of vitality, dynamic, charismatic, potential and composition of forces is the effective measures to improve cultural market and cultural and creative industries.

By Vice-Chairman of the 11th National Committee of the CPPCC

Copyright will attribute a lot to economic development, which relies on the transformation from copyright to realistic cultural product power. It’s unsustainable and unpromising if the cultural institutions are unable to dig, choose and judge the great works. Unfortunately, many of our cultural institutions only copy or revise other’s originality rather than creating by themselves.

By YAN Xiaohong  Deputy Director of State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television

Along with the development of China’s Urbanization, China’s City and Town-Rization has turned their focus from factors such as space, region and industry to its population and society with the direction of more harmony, green and ecology. As a result, the development of Chinese cultural industries must keep up with the step of urbanization and develop its own characteristic.

By HUA Jian  Researcher, Director of the Cultural Industry Research Center, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

This ear has witnessed culture, technology and creativity getting more interactive. The technology is convergent with culture obviously, permeated to all the levels of cultural production and became the important pillar and engine of cultural industries. It will take a long and progressive time to achieve the aim of cultural power. The added value of cultural industry accounted for the proportion of GDP should not be considered as the only criterion to assess the development of cultural industry.

By CHEN Changzhi  Vice-Chairman of the 11th Standing Committee of NPC

I believe Chinas global cultural reach will be profoundly and deep in 21th century especially in technology and mind. We all know the splendid Tang Dynasty were world influential named as “Tang Dynasty Prosperity” which I believe it will return under the era of high technology, information, and globalization. Maybe we could see the reappear of “Tang Dynasty Prosperity” as a sign of China’s revitalization.

By YE Lang  The Standing Member of the 9th and 10th National Standing Committee of CPPCC

There are many historic and profound cultural cities with unique historical and cultural streets and spots which are needed to be developed, if not, they will be destructed and buried. All the ancient stuffs were very important in the past and they should be today. We should dwell on how to exploit them as we know culture being essential.

By ZHOU Wenzhang  Vice-Dean of Chinese Academy of Governance

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