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Schedule of the FICI 2016 Chengdu Summit
Source: 本站原创 By: 佚名 Time: 2016/11/15

The Forum on International Cultural Industries Chengdu Summit, China, 2016

        November 26th, 2016

        Chengdu, China

9:30-12:00  Opening Ceremony and Main Forum:

New Economy: Cultural & Creative City and Innovation-Driven Society


14:00-17:00  Forum I: Cultural Industry amid Mutual Entertainment Economy

Venue: Ballroom 5-6, InterContinental Hotel, Global Center


14:00-17:00  Forum II: Industrial Design and Creative Thinking

Venue: Ballroom 2-3, InterContinental Hotel, Global Center


14:00-17:00  Forum III: Intellectual Properties Investment and Creative Start-up

Venue: Ballroom 1, InterContinental Hotel, Global Center

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