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The visual and plane way of literature reading has great impact on modern reading which increase greatly the information contents and Information retrieval ability positively, at the same time it makes our reading kind of scan thing negatively only collecting the needed knowledge not do perusal any more. I don’t want to return the non-digitization era but to value the humanistic spirit embodied in reading, learning from traditional reading environment, style and effect and so on.

By NIE Zhenning  Member of the National Committee of the CPPCC

As far as I’m concerned the crux of the prosperity of Chinese culture is cultural connotation rooted in native, rather than consider of how to conceive, how to plan, even how to put imagine into practice. The connotation of cultural product should include in Chinese spiritual and native content in Chinese things, land and people, as the form of which being the material, literal or visional of little amount.

By Xu Jialu  Vice-Chairman of the 9th and 10th Standing Committee of NPC, President of Association for Yan Huang Culture of China

It is the college and university’s mission to offer relative talents for researchers and creators, as the management of cultural sector depending on human talent resource rather than on material parts. The culture industry is featured by multicultural during the international tide, which means the international cooperation is the master key. The modern years have been marked by the shift to the knowledge economy, which assigns significant responsibility to institutions of higher learning to cultivate coordinators of profound knowledge of cultural background. And those people are obliged to mate the content producers and users, as the gap between them is still there.

By Chiharu Nakamura  Executive Vice-President of Kobe University

What kind of people do we want our culture to impact? The answer is two class, by our academic and art exerting an influence on foreign elite, while the cultural industry having interest with teenagers abroad.I divided the culture industry into three groups: media and platform, extend, content as the source of the industry, which is the very part of transition.

By Chen Shaofeng Vice-Dean of Institute for Cultural Industries, Peking University

Chinese cultural industries started its “go global” with ambition and efforts to promote its development have paid off. Now we have to step into a new stage of branding building and planning for the future. We face 3 questions: What should we do, why should we go to the global market and how should we do. To answer those questions we have to concentrate on the Chinese cultural value globalization than cultural product. That will be the key point for fulfilling a leap development.

By Yan Junqi, Vice-Chairman of the 11th Standing Committee of NPC

In the past ten years, the cultural industries have been accepted, stressed and developed by the public and its recognition also has been improved in China. At this moment, it is necessary to further examine the background and stage of Chinese cultural industries development and to find the way of making the cultural industries become the pillar industry of the national economy. I think we have to concentrate on: Legislation and Planning, Innovation and Execution, Top-level Talent and National Qualities.

BY Zheng Wantong, Vice-Chairman of the 11th National Committee of the CPPCC

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